Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 2)




Just a short time after Sneakers arrived and before they got Sawdust, Sneakers disappeared. Mema and Pepaw missed him and began to search every room in the house. They called his name, although it was unlikely he would answer.

“Where could he be?” Mema cried, beginning to get frantic. Where could a tiny kitten get to?

They looked high and low and all around. No Sneakers. They began to become very scared for him. Mema went back to Adam’s room again, although she had already looked there a few times. She noticed a pair of Adam’s dark navy running shorts lying on the floor where he had apparently dropped them. This time, she looked closer and to her surprise, there was Sneakers, curled up on top of them, blending in so well with the dark color that he was virtually invisible!

“Pepaw!” she called out. “I found him!” He came running and they both laughed out loud at the cute sight. Sneakers looked so peaceful and cute, but safe and snoozing away, oblivious of all the excitement and worry he had caused.

Because the kittens were so tiny, at night they stayed in an extra bedroom that had a bathroom where the litter box was located. This was so they would learn where it was. While Mema and Pepaw would have liked to put them in their bed, they were afraid that they would roll onto the kittens and hurt them. When the kittens got a little bigger, they were allowed to sleep with Mema and Pepaw. It was comforting for all. However, when they grew up, they began to jump on Mema and Pepaw around 3:00 in the morning wanting to play or eat. This became very disrupting and annoying, so the cats were banished to the garage for the night and let back in the house in the morning. Mema and Pepaw were then able to get a good night’s sleep without cats waking them up.

One time, Susie had to go somewhere for a few days and the kitten she had kept was named Angel. Mema and Pepaw agreed that Angel could come to their home and visit with her siblings. It was such a joy to see those three adorable kittens all together, eating and playing.

Three Kittens

Three Kittens


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