Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 3)


Three Siblings

Three Siblings

Most kittens have their Mommy Cat to teach them the things they need to know in life just like children’s mommies teach them. However, Sawdust and Sneakers didn’t have a Mommy Cat for this. Mema noticed that Sawdust, after using the litter box, would take her front legs and attempt to cover up her poop. This is a normal action for cats. Sneakers, however, did not do this. Whether it was because he wasn’t taught how or because, being a guy, he just didn’t care about cleanliness much, would do his business and just walk away. Mema once tried to show him how to cover up the poop, but to no avail. This was one of the first signs that Sneakers just wasn’t as bright as Sawdust. He proved over and over again that he had missed out on the brains department. He just was not too smart. They often said he was a dumb as a brick. He was beautiful, but dumb.

For instance, the house had sliding door closets. Sawdust was observant and saw just how these doors would move. Mema would come home and notice the closet door in the bedroom was open about 6 inches.

“Now, how did that happen? I’m pretty sure I closed it this morning,” she would remark. Oftentimes, she would then open that door and there, looking comfortable and smug, was Sawdust, hiding inside on the floor. One day, Mema watched and spied Sawdust pawing at the door in just the right way to make it slide. Once the door was open just a little, she was able to sneak inside. Speaking of Sneak, often Mema would close the closet door and leave the house. Upon arriving home, she would not see Sneakers anywhere. Once again, the search for him would begin. Eventually, she would open the closet and Sneakers would race out! He had gotten locked in without Mema knowing he was even in there. Sometimes he spent the whole day stuck in the closet with no way out. Not the brightest bulb in the box, as the expression goes.

The two cats were shy around strangers so when someone came over, the two of them would scatter and hide. Sneakers would sometimes come out and greet the guest, but Sawdust would not. Mema and Pepaw would search everywhere, even under chairs, in closets and under beds. No Sawdust. They never did figure out where she would hide, but whenever the guest left the house, there she would come, trotting out all fat and happy that it was just the family once again.

Sleeping Kittens

Sleeping Kittens


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