Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 7)


Sawdust and Sneakers

Sawdust and Sneakers

Sometime after this, when everything was back to normal, Mema began to have problems and thought she had a terrible kind of cold. She would cough very hard all night and day. Doctors just gave her cough syrup, but it didn’t help. They told her it seemed more like an allergy than a cold. She didn’t believe that. Eventually, Pepaw convinced her to see an allergist. She did and found out that she was now allergic to many things: grass pollen, certain trees, dust and yes, cats. If she picked up the cats or had their fur touch her face or arms, those areas would get all red and itchy. Mema was devastated. She loved her cats, but this was a serious problem. To make things better, they bought a large crate and kept the cats in the garage all the time and put them in the cage when they had to open the garage door to go somewhere. This way, they were safe, but not in the house. Mema had to stop holding them and was very disappointed and frustrated.

This worked for a while, but when Mema and Pepaw decided to move to another house with a double garage, they realized this was not going to work well. Also, it was not going to be a good idea to get cat dander in the new carpet. Sadly, they resigned themselves to the fact that they would have to find another home for their beloved pets.

They talked to a lot of people and advertised at the local vets and one day they got a call from a lady that wanted to get a pet for her kids. The lady came to see the cats and agreed to take them. So one day, Mema took the cats to this lady’s home. Mema was appalled. There were four wild kids and one was a girl only two years old. Mema was concerned that they would not be careful enough to be sure the cats didn’t get outside. The front door was right in the middle of the house and the area was somewhat rural. Still, she left them and cried all the way home.

About a week later, this lady called Mema.

“I can’t get these cats to eat and one of them pooped on my son’s bed. My husband is furious. Right now they are under my bed and won’t come out!” she told Mema.

“I’ll be right there,” Mema answered, gathered up the cat crates and some tuna fish, hoping she could coax them out from under the bed.

It took a while, but the tuna did the trick. As soon as Sawdust got close enough to try to get the tuna, Mema grabbed her and put her in the crate. Sneakers was not quite as eager to come out, but he was finally lured out by the tuna fish, his favorite. Mema snatched him up too, but had to put him in the crate backwards as he was flailing around trying hard not to go in the crate. Mema wasn’t going to leave them in this horrible place anyway. She took them home and continued to ask around for a more suitable home for her precious babies.

Fortunately, Mema talked to a girl working at Wal-Mart with her who was interested in getting a kitten. She convinced her she would love these cats and they were already house trained. The girl, whose name was Kendall, agreed and came and took them to her home. However, unlike the other place, they liked their new home with Kendall and her fiancé. She told Mema later that Sawdust especially liked her boyfriend and loved to sit with him and sleep with him. So Mema felt that this was a good home for the cats even though she missed them very much. Cats don’t usually like change, but Sawdust and Sneakers adjusted well to their new owners and lived happily ever after.


Sneakers in Shirt

Sneakers in Shirt


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