My Weight Loss Journey Part #2 – Pizza: Is it really worth it?

MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY Part#2: Pizza – is it really worth it?

Diets don’t fail. Most of them, even stupid fad diets, will work in the short term. They restrict calories and yes, the weigh will come off. However, the hard part is keeping it off and that’s where the dieter fails and reverts back to the eating habits they had before they began the diet. Then the fat is back. I’ve been there and done that. Many times.

So, now that I have once again shed the fat I wanted to, the bigger challenge will be NOT going back to bad eating habits and not exercising. This is actually harder than losing the weight in some ways.

However, something happened that I think will help keep me on the path to healthiness: Pizza. Yeah, that Comfort Food that is a staple of many diets. I can attest that pizza was often one of our dinner choices on too many occasions. While on my weight loss journey, I only ate pizza on 2 occasions and mostly because I was somewhere where that was about the only option. Fortunately, it didn’t de-rail me from my mission. I was able to avoid it again after that. For a while. I did try making a healthier version at home, but frankly, they always sucked. It just wasn’t worth it.

The time came when my husband had reached his goal and I was very close to mine and my little Devil on my shoulder said, “Ooh! You’ve done so good. Now you can have Pizza again! You know you want some!”

Yes, I did, even when the Angel on the other shoulder said, “Oh no! You mustn’t. It’s terrible for you!”

I convinced hubby it would be OK to have Pizza and we could get one with healthy stuff on it. He agreed, although he had reservations about it. I could tell that, but chose to ignore the red flags I didn’t want to see.

We shared a medium Pizza that had a thin crust with no fat crust edges. One half had chicken, the other green pepper. Not so bad a choice, right? We did polish off the whole thing so no left overs.

On the way home, I was trying to find an equivalent in my calorie counter so I could put it down. Ouch! No matter what, the calories, fat and carbs were quite high. It was quite disheartening and I realized this was why I had stayed away from Pizza for so long to begin with. The other thing I realized was that it was laying on my stomach like the proverbial lead balloon. I also acknowledged that I didn’t enjoy it near as much as I had expected to. It seemed that the IDEA of Pizza was what I enjoyed more, not the actual food itself.

This particular week I was also doing some extensive blood sugar testing to see how certain foods affected my blood sugar 2 hours after eating instead of just in the morning. My readings were well under the 120 level that is the goal. However, after the Pizza, my blood sugar was at 161 two hours later!! Oops. Not good at all.

In the end, here’s what I learned: not only were the fat, carbs and calories more than I needed, I didn’t even enjoy it that much, I felt crappy afterwards and it was definitely not good for my health. So to answer my original question: Is Pizza really worth it? My answer now is a resounding NO. Pizza was now on my “Hell No” list of foods.

If that isn’t enough to deter me in the future, I can always recall an incident that happened a long time ago. One night after devouring Pizza, I felt discomfort in my guts and they began to churn noisily. I finally had to hit the bathroom where things began to spew forth. Somehow, all the ensuing cramps must have caused my stomach to rebel and I knew the Pizza was coming back up. Yikes! I had nowhere to put it. The toilet was not an option, due to obvious reasons and my waste can was wicker so that wasn’t good either. The bathtub was the only option so all that I had eaten ended up there.

When all was purged from my system, I staggered to the bed and had to lie down to recuperate from this ordeal. My very sweet husband cleaned up the mess. Bless him.

I do believe remembering this will help me make the correct decision the next time Pizza crosses my mind as a food choice. I’ll never say I’ll never eat any again, but it will be a rare event for sure.

Readers: everyone has a favorite food they think they can’t live without (but you can). What is yours? What food is the one that you crave the most? And can you give it up if you had to?


3 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey Part #2 – Pizza: Is it really worth it?

  1. I’m with you on this one. I used to eat pizza a lot before starting my diet and now when I do eat it, all I taste is grease – not nice.

    You could try homemade pizza with a super thin crust or even topping on a tortilla wrap baked in the oven. I find this much tastier 🙂

    • I have made my own pizza at home, but was never that thrilled with the results, so it just wasn’t worth the effort. Yeah, the grease factor is yucky once you get away from eating foods that are full of it which is a good thing.

  2. I thought pizza was out of my life altogether, not only because of dieting, but also because I suddenly discovered I was gluten-sensitive. Then I found that I could make pizza with a crust of cauliflower “crumbs,” spices, and some cheese…seriously. No, it didn’t taste like a bread crust, but it didn’t taste like cauliflower either. I have had 2 great pizzas since and they didn’t make me feel “heavy” at all. Whoever said, “Where there’s life, there’s hope,” wasn’t kidding 🙂

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