My Weight Loss Journey Part #3 – Confessions of a Chocoholic

MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY Part #3 – Confessions of a Chocoholic

“You’re pre-diabetic. You’ll have to give up chocolate,” my doctor told me one day.

“What? Give up chocolate! Not in this lifetime, honey!” were my unspoken thoughts. Nosiree! Sure, I’ll cut out the French Fries and even the Coke. And I’ll eschew white rice, potatoes and other starchy carbs. But chocolate? I don’t think so!

I left her office feeling despondent over this news and wondered how I would be able to deal with this. Then, like so many people, I decided that there was no way. Besides, I’ve read that dark chocolate has health benefits! It is also on the Good Fat list and is considered a MUFA (mono-something or other, but basically good fat). There’s my answer. I’ll just eat that! And so I have, in tiny amounts, of course.

I stocked up on dark chocolate Hershey miniatures, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms, Dark Chocolate chips and the always wonderful Dark Chocolate Kisses. Sure, I know there’s still sugar in them. I can read the labels. However, they don’t have any High Fructose Corn Syrup (Thank God) and I have managed to keep my ‘cheat’ down to a minimum. I’ll eat only 1 or 2 Peanut M&Ms at a time or 2 Kisses or 1 Miniature and only once (okay, maybe twice or three times a day) but it that so bad? I have still managed to lose weight and this is my one indulgence. It is a MUFA, dessert and favorite decadence all rolled into one. I savor each piece and let the chocolate melt slowly in my mouth as I savor its delicious flavor. Aah! Also, because they are not so sweet, they don’t cause me to crave more and more like milk chocolate does.

I know this because I had an occasion where I had access to a package of regular M&Ms. Ooh! What a treat, I thought as I opened the pack and told myself, “I’ll just eat a few.” I lied. I would put the pack away only to come back a short time later and repeat the process until they were all gone. Uh-oh. That was almost 300 calories I didn’t need. At least the dark chocolate doesn’t do that to me, at least not as bad. I can be content with just a tiny piece of the dark and go away happy and satisfied.

So, dark chocolate is staying on my list of things I will continue to have in spite of my doctor. She, apparently, is just not a chocoholic.

Readers: any chocoholics out there who agree with me? Or not? What one thing will you not give up in your quest to lose weight?


3 thoughts on “My Weight Loss Journey Part #3 – Confessions of a Chocoholic

    • I’m down 52 pounds and still enjoy the dark chocolate and Chinese every week (another thing she said was terrible). Sounds like a good idea for annother blog! Thanks for reading my blog.

  1. Great post, and just what I needed to hear! I am a total chocoholic and I have not had any in 8 full days. I’m on the South Beach Diet, so in 6 more days I can have a piece of dark chocolate. I swear, it’s just about the only thing I think about. I NEED CHOCOLATE!!! Glad I’m not the only one who feels this way.

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