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My Weight Loss Journey Part #4 Reached My Goal!

Yesterday, the scale finally said what I wanted it to! I made my final goal after many, many months. Now the hard work really begins: keeping it this way. Actually, now that I’ve acclamated to a different way of eating and more consistent exercise, I find I don’t mind it at all and even look forward to both! See, you CAN change your habits. So, I took photos of me in a bathing suit and my old, fattest jeans I wore at one time so you can truly see the difference. I hope that this inspires you to try to achieve whatever your goals might be. There’s no secret, but it takes 110% of Determination. It’s really a mind thing more than a physical thing. Good luck on any of your endeavors and please feel free to discuss with me.

Bathing Suit

Bathing Suit

Marcia in fat pants

Marcia in fat pants

Marcia in fat pants


Leg & Foot Cramps and Soap in the Bed

I had heard many times that putting a bar of soap in your bed would alleviate leg and foot cramps. Yeah, right, I thought. How is that possible? How could that even begin to work? No way! However, me and my husband were often plagued with those dreaded cramps that force you to get up out of bed in the middle of the night to try to walk it off while you agonize in pain. Often, if I just stretched my foot out, the arch would cramp up, over and over. The calf cramp is the worst and those will still hurt the next day and I would limp around.  So one day, I figured, “What could it hurt?” I grabbed a bar of Jergens Soap, wrapper and all and stuck it under the sheet at the foot of the bed and waited for it to work its alleged magic.  Days went by and no cramps.  Then weeks and now months. We both stopped getting cramps of any kind. I’ve yet to understand how this could possibly work: it defies all logic and sensibility, but it did make a difference. I’ve only had some twinges, but they quickly stopped as my foot found the soap. So, as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds, we now keep a bar of soap nestled between us at our feet and no longer get up at night with cramps.  Old wives tales may sound weird, but they often work! If you too have cramps at night, try and let me know if it works for you too.

The DASH Experience vs. Durham Bulls


Today, May 22, 2012, Phil and I were suffering from Dash Withdrawal because our favorite team was on the road so we went on our own road trip to see a Durham Bulls day game. It turned out that they were playing the Charlotte Knights, a White Sox AAA affiliate! Naturally, we had to root for them and we also thrilled to see 4 players who used to play for the Dash: Terry Doyle (pitcher), Justin Green (Left Field), Drew Garcia (Right Field) and Josh Phegly (Catcher).

It was an easy drive to the Durham Athletic Field and sky was Carolina Blue with a few white, puffy clouds. It was warm, but not too bad and we had seats in the shade. We sat close to home plate on the first base side and realized quickly that our seats were very close to the ones in front, but it was only this row, so we moved down a row where the leg room was better.

Durham Bulls Athletic Field

We noticed quite a few differences between our Dash Ballpark and this one. The most obvious one was their scoreboard which was oddly old fashioned, perhaps intentionally. A man had to manually place the numbers in the little windows. The balls, strikes and outs were shown at the very bottom with lights. Unfortunately, it was hard to see these stats as the players obstructed our view at times. This was the only scoreboard in the entire park. They did have a screen, but it wasn’t as nice as our JumboTron. I have to say that the sound system wasn’t great and we couldn’t understand much of what was being said including their person who presided over the games (our “Sarah” equivalent was nowhere near as good as she is!).


The concession stands were back behind the seats where the game was not at all visible and I didn’t see any TVs showing the game. You could hear the play by play guy, but again, it was hard to understand especially with the noise on the concourse. Of course, there were plenty of beer places!

They did have a Wool E. Bull mascot who was pretty cute as he arrived in a blue, souped-up go-cart and I did get a photo of me with him. However, he just isn’t as perky and sassy as our own Bolt. The kid’s area was far from where we were so I can’t say how it was, but there was certainly no Merry-Go-Round which is a feature of BB&T Ballpark and looks so great all lit up at night. I was impressed with the good attendance for a weekday 1:00 game. We saw a busload of people being brought in and leaving.

Me and Wool E. Bull

Much of the music was the same as ours and other things on the big screen were similar. We did note that they have 3 umpires instead of our 2. Also, they didn’t do any fanfare when the Durham Bulls team was announced like we do. It’s amazing how you don’t realize how great a job they do at BB&T Park until you go somewhere else and it doesn’t quite hit that high mark!

Our Dash Pack personnel are so personable, perky and fun! Theirs didn’t have funky names on their shirts either and weren’t around to greet patrons on their way in or out. We so appreciate that ours are always out there and so friendly.

The game went well. Terry Doyle pitched 8 innings and the final score was 5-2 Charlotte, so we were happy campers, although we were the only ones! A former Yankee player, Matsui (spelling?) was a DH for the Bulls. He is with Tampa Bay and is down here rehabbing we think.

They do have a well-stocked team store and I bought a pin as I like to collect them. We walked around the complex next to the stadium for a little bit before heading home.

It was a great experience to visit another ball park and we plan to do more when we can.

I give the Dash Experience 5 Stars and the Durham Bulls…4 Stars.