Leg & Foot Cramps and Soap in the Bed

I had heard many times that putting a bar of soap in your bed would alleviate leg and foot cramps. Yeah, right, I thought. How is that possible? How could that even begin to work? No way! However, me and my husband were often plagued with those dreaded cramps that force you to get up out of bed in the middle of the night to try to walk it off while you agonize in pain. Often, if I just stretched my foot out, the arch would cramp up, over and over. The calf cramp is the worst and those will still hurt the next day and I would limp around.  So one day, I figured, “What could it hurt?” I grabbed a bar of Jergens Soap, wrapper and all and stuck it under the sheet at the foot of the bed and waited for it to work its alleged magic.  Days went by and no cramps.  Then weeks and now months. We both stopped getting cramps of any kind. I’ve yet to understand how this could possibly work: it defies all logic and sensibility, but it did make a difference. I’ve only had some twinges, but they quickly stopped as my foot found the soap. So, as stupid and ridiculous as it sounds, we now keep a bar of soap nestled between us at our feet and no longer get up at night with cramps.  Old wives tales may sound weird, but they often work! If you too have cramps at night, try and let me know if it works for you too.


2 thoughts on “Leg & Foot Cramps and Soap in the Bed

  1. Yes wierd as it may sound, i too was told by a friend that it worked for her Mother so I also gave it a try and sure enough foot cramps were all gone, pretty cool.

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