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Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 4)




One year, in October when it was close to Halloween, disaster happened! Mema and Pepaw had just gotten back from a long weekend at the beach with Pepaw’s brother Fred and his wife, Jeanette.  Pepaw opened the side door to the garage and they entered.  Mema put her luggage down, picked up Sawdust and took her inside the house.  Sneakers ran under the car parked in the garage.  Pepaw let the garage door up so he could get their bags into the house easier, but didn’t bother to put it down again when all their stuff was inside.  Mema told him that Sneakers could get out, but he didn’t think he would. Ha!  Mema knew he had done it before.  The next thing Mema knew, Pepaw had a flashlight looking for Sneakers under the car, but the cat wasn’t there or anywhere in the garage.  Mema said he wasn’t in the house either.  So everyone went outside to look for him.  Apparently, Sneak had made his way to the back yard, but just when Pepaw was about to get to him, Bruno, our neighbor’s large collie, decided to trot over to see what was happening.  This obviously did not set well with Sneakers and they saw him bolt and head into the woods next door which covered about ¾ acre.

While Pepaw was in the woods searching, Fred was hanging around also with a light.  Mema got the food bowl to rattle to attract Sneakers with food and headed down the road towards Weavil Road.  She spotted Sneak outside of the woods meowing rather pitifully, but just as Mema headed towards him, he took off down the road back towards the house.  Okay, this was a good thing.  He didn’t want Mema near him at first, but then he stopped and Mema was able to pick him up and drape him over her arm, still holding the food bowl in the other hand.  Big mistake.  Mema yelled triumphantly, “I have him!” She was approaching the house when Sneak got very heavy and Mema was losing her grip on him.

“Pepaw! Please help me before I drop him,” Mema pleaded.  “Take the food bowl so I can get a better grip on Sneakers.”

Pepaw reached out to take the cat instead. Maybe Sneakers didn’t recognize Pepaw since it was very dark out by this time, but he started squirming very hard and the next thing Mema knew, he had scratched up her face with his back claws while trying to escape her grasp, bit Pepaw hard in the thumb and they both let go long enough for him to hightail it back into the woods.  This was terrible!  There’s nothing more difficult than trying to find a black cat that doesn’t want to be found in the woods in the dark!

The search was on again.  Pepaw was back in the woods and Mema was trying to stay by the road in case he came out of the woods to keep him out of the street.  There wasn’t much traffic, but there was some at this time so it was dangerous.  After a while, almost at Weavil Road, Pepaw said he had found him.  The only way he could see him was when the light shined on his eyes and they glowed!  However, Sneak had found a very cozy hiding place in a spot thick with brush and we couldn’t get very close.  Mema kept talking to him nicely, but when Mema tried to reach out and pet him, he hissed at her very menacingly!  This was usually a very laid back kitty and they have never seen him hiss before in his whole life, but he was obviously very scared and didn’t want anyone near him at this point.  So after a few hisses, Mema knew getting him was not going to be easy this time.  Pepaw said he wanted to go back for some thick gloves which seemed like a real good idea, so Mema just kept her light on Sneak and talked to him trying to get him to calm down.  Well, as soon as he heard Pepaw rustling the underbrush, he bolted!  Mema never even saw him move, he was just gone again!  It was back to the search.

Pepaw finally found him not too far away huddled next to a tree.  He was behind Sneak, Fred was in front of him outside of the woods trying to distract him, and Mema was on one side.  Pepaw was able to get closer and closer and finally got his hands on him.  Mema quickly laid a towel down she had brought and they put the errant cat on it and wrapped him up inside it.  Mema told Pepaw to just get him to the house while Mema picked up the flashlights, food bowl and sheet that he had left behind.  Mema and Pepaw finally let him loose in the garage where Pepaw cleaned the brush off him and saw he was all right.  As soon as Sneakers went into the house, he was just as sweet and loving as usual and they gave him lots of rubbing and attention.  Mema felt that she was more traumatized than Sneakers was!

Mema put hydrogen peroxide on their wounds and hoped they didn’t have any ill effects.  The cats were indoor cats and had all their shots, but there was still the chance of infection.

Mema told Pepaw never to leave the garage door open while Sneak was out there because he WOULD “sneak” out, true to his name.  And he could be very fast when he wanted to be. This was just the first time Sneakers was lost in the woods.


Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 3)


Three Siblings

Three Siblings

Most kittens have their Mommy Cat to teach them the things they need to know in life just like children’s mommies teach them. However, Sawdust and Sneakers didn’t have a Mommy Cat for this. Mema noticed that Sawdust, after using the litter box, would take her front legs and attempt to cover up her poop. This is a normal action for cats. Sneakers, however, did not do this. Whether it was because he wasn’t taught how or because, being a guy, he just didn’t care about cleanliness much, would do his business and just walk away. Mema once tried to show him how to cover up the poop, but to no avail. This was one of the first signs that Sneakers just wasn’t as bright as Sawdust. He proved over and over again that he had missed out on the brains department. He just was not too smart. They often said he was a dumb as a brick. He was beautiful, but dumb.

For instance, the house had sliding door closets. Sawdust was observant and saw just how these doors would move. Mema would come home and notice the closet door in the bedroom was open about 6 inches.

“Now, how did that happen? I’m pretty sure I closed it this morning,” she would remark. Oftentimes, she would then open that door and there, looking comfortable and smug, was Sawdust, hiding inside on the floor. One day, Mema watched and spied Sawdust pawing at the door in just the right way to make it slide. Once the door was open just a little, she was able to sneak inside. Speaking of Sneak, often Mema would close the closet door and leave the house. Upon arriving home, she would not see Sneakers anywhere. Once again, the search for him would begin. Eventually, she would open the closet and Sneakers would race out! He had gotten locked in without Mema knowing he was even in there. Sometimes he spent the whole day stuck in the closet with no way out. Not the brightest bulb in the box, as the expression goes.

The two cats were shy around strangers so when someone came over, the two of them would scatter and hide. Sneakers would sometimes come out and greet the guest, but Sawdust would not. Mema and Pepaw would search everywhere, even under chairs, in closets and under beds. No Sawdust. They never did figure out where she would hide, but whenever the guest left the house, there she would come, trotting out all fat and happy that it was just the family once again.

Sleeping Kittens

Sleeping Kittens

Lost and Found: A True Cat Story (Chapter 2)




Just a short time after Sneakers arrived and before they got Sawdust, Sneakers disappeared. Mema and Pepaw missed him and began to search every room in the house. They called his name, although it was unlikely he would answer.

“Where could he be?” Mema cried, beginning to get frantic. Where could a tiny kitten get to?

They looked high and low and all around. No Sneakers. They began to become very scared for him. Mema went back to Adam’s room again, although she had already looked there a few times. She noticed a pair of Adam’s dark navy running shorts lying on the floor where he had apparently dropped them. This time, she looked closer and to her surprise, there was Sneakers, curled up on top of them, blending in so well with the dark color that he was virtually invisible!

“Pepaw!” she called out. “I found him!” He came running and they both laughed out loud at the cute sight. Sneakers looked so peaceful and cute, but safe and snoozing away, oblivious of all the excitement and worry he had caused.

Because the kittens were so tiny, at night they stayed in an extra bedroom that had a bathroom where the litter box was located. This was so they would learn where it was. While Mema and Pepaw would have liked to put them in their bed, they were afraid that they would roll onto the kittens and hurt them. When the kittens got a little bigger, they were allowed to sleep with Mema and Pepaw. It was comforting for all. However, when they grew up, they began to jump on Mema and Pepaw around 3:00 in the morning wanting to play or eat. This became very disrupting and annoying, so the cats were banished to the garage for the night and let back in the house in the morning. Mema and Pepaw were then able to get a good night’s sleep without cats waking them up.

One time, Susie had to go somewhere for a few days and the kitten she had kept was named Angel. Mema and Pepaw agreed that Angel could come to their home and visit with her siblings. It was such a joy to see those three adorable kittens all together, eating and playing.

Three Kittens

Three Kittens